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Address: 8.4 miles from Nogales
Airport Information Phone: (631) 315-9060 and 315-9061
Customs Telephone: (631) 311-0301
Immigration Phone: (631) 312-1755 and 315-9221
Service Hours: Daily from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
Email: nog.administrador @
Website: / wb / webasa / nogales_aeropuertos
Location: Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

Nogales International Airport is located near the border with the United States. It is operated by the Airport and Auxiliary Services (ASA) of the Mexican federal government. It is worth mentioning that the ASA network is one of the most important in the country and has worked to remodel many airports, including the one in the city of Nogales.

For your safety, new safety standards for both domestic and international flights came into force a few years ago. Currently all carrying-on luggage will be inspected both manually and automatically. This was implemented to increase security-screening practices, which assure both you and the airline about the safety for your trip.

If you have questions or concerns about things allowed in your carry-on and checked baggage, we ask that you visit the website of the Nogales International Airport, where there is clearly outlined information about what is and is not allowed in your baggage. We also recommend that you only bring what you need to travel, as any extra weight is charged by the kilo.

It is also recommended that you arrive at the airport several hours before your flight departure, whether you are traveling nationally or internationally. This will ensure that you have enough time check-in, verify documents, pass all security screens and reach the airline gate in time for your flight.

It is also advisable to carry as little carry-on luggage as possible because all of the airlines operating in the Nogales International Airport have strict rules about the weight, size and amount of luggage you can carry.

Do not forget that packing light can result in shorter times for collecting your luggage after you land. As in other Mexican airports, if you travel with children you should bring your child’s birth certificate(s) and other documents proving your responsibility for and relationship to the child, especially if the child is traveling alone or without his parents.

Failure to have the required documents when you arrive in Mexico will result in your being refused entry to the country. For information about your flight, please contact your airline directly. The Nogales International Airport recognizes the importance of providing quality airport services, including accurate and up-to-date information about all flights.

The airports facilities include areas specifically designed for people with disabilities. Note that the above is not only this airport but all airports in the ASA Network, which are required to have adequate facilities in order to be included in the program.

Airlines at the airport:


Phone: (631) 315-9130

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