Website of Nogales, Sonora

Recommendations for a safe trip to Nogales Sonora and Arizona:

  • Given that the city of Nogales in Sonora, Mexico shares a border with Nogales in Arizona, United States, it is recommended that each time you enter and exit both territories be sure to take your passport and other official documents in order to be sure you can move safely in either territory.
  • If you travel to Nogales, Sonora we recommend that you bring only what you need for your trip, whether for business or pleasure.
  • If you are heading from Sonora to Arizona, we recommend that you be very careful when crossing the border because it is a busy area where thousands of people come and go every day.
  • If you go to the United States, you must have a seat belt and follow all applicable traffic laws, which can be much stricter.
  • Remember that security anywhere also depends on you. Be diligent and take all precautions when traveling the city streets.
  • To have a pleasant stay in the city of Nogales and elsewhere remember that being able to relax, have fun and feel satisfied with all services received, depends heavily on you too. Most sites show the features and services they offer, so learn everything you can about the choices available for you and your family.
  • Be sure to stay in a hotel that offers security services such as safes, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, access areas and emergency exits.
  • Try to carry a card or sheet with information including the name, address and phone number for the hotel where you decide to stay.
  • Also take a printed or written sheet of paper with all of the emergency numbers in the city of Nogales. Remember that an incident and/or accident can happen to anyone. In the event an emergency is to occur, you must be able to act as quickly as possible, so you should never forget to have data about the city and places you visit.
  • Losing your personal documents while traveling is a very serious situation so it is highly recommended that before traveling make an extra photocopy of all documents (especially when you are traveling internationally).
  • Always carry a travel cell phone, which you can keep turned of if you do not want to be charged for calls. This is recommended in case you were to suffer a mishap or accident. With your phone you will have the ability to communicate immediately to any emergency service in town.
  • Take cash and change including both coins and small bills. You should also take one or two credit cards and/or a debit card. For more information on the currency that works in Nogales and throughout Mexico, visit the section on Banking and Currency.
  • It is recommended that you consult the “Recommendations” in the Banking and Currency section for clear and timely information about what to do when traveling to another place.
  • Always be aware of your luggage and belongings from the moment they arrive in the hotel, to when you leave and use public transport.
  • If you use buses to get from one place to another we recommend choosing middle seats along the corridor of the bus. This will give greater security to you and your companions in the event there is a shock. Along the aisle and away from the window glass can be safer.
  • We suggest you keep your travel ticket (bus) iso that f you suffer a mishap or accident, that can proves you paid a fare for bus service, which is important because all companies give you an insurance policy.
  • Be careful with the food you eat anywhere, make sure it is well cooked and has no odor.
  • If you or someone in your group were to suffer ant dizziness, digestive problems, allergies, muscle aches or any other pains or diseases, consult a professional. The best way to know which is the best hospital in the city is to ask the receptionist at the hotel where you are staying. You can also ask anyone who lives on site or consult an emergency number.
  • The government of Nogales recognizes the importance of providing new, more and better services in all business sectors, especially in tourism where the city is working to develop and make it more attractive to tourists. Any suggestions and comments about Nogales are welcome on the official website of the city government.